Annual report 2022

Advancing transdisciplinary research for sustainable development

An integrated approach to address climate change

Since its creation, BC3 has sought to be a cutting-edge and motivating centre dedicated to the co-production of scientific knowledge, tools and methodologies on the causes and effects of climate change to contribute solving the most pressing challenge modern humans have ever faced.

This Report presents our efforts towards building a more sustainable science for a better future. Scroll down to learn more.

Coordinated transdisciplinary research in the post-Paris Agreement era

Interdisciplinary and participatory research approaches are essential in the SDGs era to achieve our common goals as a global society while ensuring all views and needs are addressed.

Since 2018, BC3 has articulated its vision around six strategic objectives and two cross-cutting themes, which include a further step moving towards co-designed solutions with decision makers:

Understanding past and future climate changes

SO 1

Support decision making in the transition to a low carbon society

SO 2

Understanding and managing terrestrial system for sustanibility

SO 3

Support decision making for successful and effective adaption

SO 4

Integrated moddelling of coupled human-natural system

SO 5

Promoting integrated interdisciplinary & trandisciplinary research

SO 6

BC3’s people

With 90+ employees from multiple fields of knowledge, BC3 has excellent results in attracting international talent.

Thanks to our people and partners, those who make it possible for us to achieve our goals and allow us to see ourselves as an organization unrestricted by our physical boundaries.

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Advancing transdisciplinary research on climate change
The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) is an international and multidisciplinary research institute based in the Basque Country. Created in 2008, BC3 is devoted to co-producing scientific knowledge towards sustainable development relevant to decision-making by integrating the environmental, socioeconomic, and ethical dimensions of climate change.